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Two decades ago, Varet Products entered the market with as a cottage industry for biodegradable eco-friendly hygiene products and waste receptacles. In those early years, we noticed the fragmented nature of hygiene and sanitation entrepreneurs and professionals in Kenya – utter frustration, especially for contractors and homeowners.

We expanded our product portfolio to include waste management services and solutions for waste water, solid waste management, waste receptacles (bins) and hygiene products. As our client and service portfolio expanded, we took note of the market’s need for “turnkey” solutions, that is a one stop shop for hygiene, solid waste, waste water and effluent management products and solutions.

Our approach - Integrated Sanitation Management

Varet Products now provides turnkey solutions for hygiene and waste management as an integrated sanitation management company.


A  social enterprise that provides East Africa with sustainable and impactful products, services and solutions for sanitation and waste management


Providing innovative, ecofriendly, pragmatic, cost-effective and sustainable products and solutions for existing and emerging waste streams/challenges in Eastern Africa

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